Traffic violations are common to one and all and keeping a valid driver’s license in addition to maintaining low car insurance rates, are important to one and all as well. For some people, like commercial truck drivers or those who drive cars for a living, a traffic ticket could not only affect their driver’s license and insurance rates, but, more importantly, could affect their livelihood.

That is why you need an attorney who will Fight Your Ticket! John Campion has been fighting for alleged traffic violators for almost 20 years and he will fight for you.

Whether you are a first-time offender or a habitual offender, whether you are commercial truck driver, you drive for Uber or you just received a ticket while riding your bike, CALL JOHN CAMPION NOW!

Mr. Campion will assess your citation and determine if subpoenas are needed for radar records and/or MVARS video. He will interview you on what you recall regarding the incident and investigate the scene if needed. He will advise you on whether trial is a viable option or whether negotiating a favorable disposition is a more feasible strategy. And, unless Mr. Campion needs you to testify at trial, he will be able to make all court appearances on your behalf, without your presence necessary.