When your child is charged with a crime, it is one of the most stressful, worrisome times in a parent’s life. You will need an attorney who is familiar and experienced with the juvenile court system and has successfully defended juveniles in the past.

John Campion has a stellar track record in the juvenile courts around the Bay Area. Juvenile justice, unlike much of the adult criminal system, is intent on rehabilitating and reforming the juvenile rather than simple punishment. This requires a different approach and strategy on the part of the defense attorney than he may take in adult court and a certain finesse and understanding is necessary to facilitate a just resolution for the juvenile. When I represent a juvenile, I am often working and corresponding with that juvenile’s parent(s) as well, and this too requires an addition degree of empathy, understanding and patience because the juvenile defendant’s situation is more often felt more intensely by a parent than it is by the youngster themselves.

Following are just a few of the juvenile matters I have helped resolve over the years:

  1. Multiple felony assault charges and case dismissed following a dispositional hearing of a juvenile accused of assaulting three adult relatives.
  2. Release and dismissal of felony charges after 4 months in custody of a 15-year-old juvenile involved in a felony drive-by shooting where the prosecution wanted defense client to stay incarcerated until the age of 25. That client went on to graduate from UC Santa Cruz and is now a high school teacher.
  3. Diversion and dismissal for 16-year-old juvenile charged, along w/ two minor friends, w/ felony commercial burglary of a school.
  4. No charges filed. Community service, restitution and dismissal for a 15-year-old juvenile arrested, along w other minors, for felony residential burglary. Case resolved w/ juvenile probation officer before charges submitted to the DA for filing.
  5. Diversion and dismissal for a 15-year-old juvenile charged w/ felony grand theft, stealing a golf cart, and misdemeanor resisting arrest.