If you are a suspect or a “person of interest” in an ongoing criminal investigation, you need an attorney now. Pre-arrest investigations can be perilous and frightening for any suspect or “person of interest” and you should never consent to an informal interview or a custodial interrogation with law enforcement without the advice and presence of counsel.

If you are presently in such a situation, CALL JOHN CAMPION NOW!

As your attorney, Mr. Campion will immediately contact the law enforcement investigator and let them know that you are represented by counsel, that they are not to contact you and that all correspondence is to go through him. You and Mr. Campion will confer and together decide what the best course of action would be for your specific situation.

Mr. Campion will also keep in contact with law enforcement and, if need be, will facilitate any the posting of bail and surrender to law enforcement, avoiding any long embarrassing arrests at home or at work.